While entrepreneur Jared Newman had the square footage needed to park a car, he didn’t have the space. So, he decided to do something about his garage. He went looking an organizational solution, a way to store items in the garage while still having a place to park. But he didn’t find an organizational product on the market he wanted to purchase, The next step was to create his own. That was in 1999. He went to work building a storage system that would be sturdy, easy-to’use and space efficient. The concept not only worked, but started to catch on, and in 2002 the Monkey Bars Storage Systems business began in Boise Idaho. Since its 2002 beginning, the company has expanded to over 80 dealers in the United States and Canada. Customers can also order do-it-yourself storage kits. Over the years, Monkey Bars Storage Systems has added hooks and accessories to its product line. Flooring services are available, too. There is a training program for dealers, a shipping facility to handle orders and an expanding outreach to support and increase business. What started as an idea for one family’s garage has become a dynamic company that continues to grow.

Why the Garage?

The garage is probably the largest and most under-utilized space in your home. Most homeowners can’t even park a single car in their garage and are embarrassed by the sight of it. The Garage has found its way to be a depository of stuff causing it to be over-cluttered and the homeowner feeling frustrated. More over storing belongings in the attic can be dangerous and uncomfortable, particularly in the summer.

Renting outside storage is also common, but it is both expensive and inconvenient. In most cases we can eliminate your need for outside storage for far less than the cost of your yearly storage bill.

Compared to other home improvements, a garage makeover is inexpensive and practical. Once completed, you will be able to park your vehicles in the garage and have a dedicated space for your belongings. An attractive garage that adds more storage space to your home is a fantastic resale feature.

When you think about it, a Garage Storage System really pays for itself.

Not sure open shelving is for you?

We carry a full line of the most durable and sleek looking storage products. Our cabinet line is an affordable custom product that is fully wall mounted. This translates into simple cleaning and protection from water damage. Place your items inside, and simply close the door to obtain a clean organized look. We have a variety of colors, sizes, and heights to produce any look you want.

Do you have 8 foot or taller ceilings? How about looking up and utilizing the space on your ceiling? Our Overhead Racks are fully adjustable from 14″ all the way to 40″. This translates into the ability to stack (2) 22 gallon plastic totes on top of each other for up-to 20 total totes. Our overhead racks will hold 750 pounds, or if more capacity is needed, can be optionally installed to support up to 1,000lbs! They are available in 2 colors: White and Smoked Chrome.

Garage Flooring is by far the single most luxury item that will make you love your garage! Installing our product will enhance and transform your space into an area you are proud to show off! We have over 24 standard colors readily available, and can create custom colors to match your home, car, or motorcycle. Don’t want the same floor as your neighbor? Then check out our line of Quartz flooring. You can have a floor that reflects your unique interests and personality. All of our flooring comes with a 10-year WARRANTY against delaminating, peeling, or flaking; so you can always have peace of mind.

All of this information can be overwhelming and it may be difficult to know where to start. The simple solution to that problem is to call us today and allow our expert staff to evaluate your garage and needs. We will listen to what you would ultimately like from your space and compile a comprehensive diagram and the needed steps/products to have your vision realized. If you don’t want to deal with the stress and spend the time cleaning, that is not a problem. All you have to do is call us today!

“**NEW PRODUCT- KAYAK AND WAKE BOARD HANGERS*** Securely hang and store your kayaks or wake board while still having easy access to them with our new kayak hangers. Built to support 125 pounds, these hangers will allow your kayak, wake board, or canoe to be stored on the wall easily and without having to suspend it from the ceiling. Regain valuable floor space with our new system today?

Watch this video for ideas and tips on how a Monkey Bars Garage Storage System can help you keep your garage organized and and efficient providing ease of access to all your stored items.